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“Can I get a complete inventory of all IT equipment?”  Sound familiar?  All too often IT departments are unprepared for this question and must scramble to pull this together.  This makes software audits, purchasing decisions, upgrades, and device monitoring almost impossible.

Here at Risolv we leverage powerful monitoring software to track all assets on the network.  Not only can we alert on device performance, but we can also track complete hardware and software inventory in real time.  We track asset tags, warranty information and purchase dates.

Need to know how many installs of Office 2013 are out there and on which machines?  No problem.  The information is on-demand through the monitoring portal.

Feature Highlights
• User, Inventory and Asset auditing to complement our reporting
• Cross-platform/cross-OS remote support options to quickly connect with end-users
• Unparalleled ability to customize monitoring and automate tasks
• Maintained and monitored by in-house staff
• Alerts can be configured to go out to specific individuals
• Access to the back-end can be provided to individuals of your choice

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