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A business often relies on a single person to manage their IT needs.  This person is often stretched thin trying to keep up with general support along with thinking about future needs and projects.  The results are long delays in service, few performance metrics and an environment that does not progress over time.

Managed Services for day to day support
Receive IT support as needed without having to worry about monthly cost variations. We will also monitor and manage all server and networking equipment. Full access to our ticketing system, reporting and asset management is also included as part of this service.

Support Delivery
Risolv IT delivers a full ITSM solution; central to this solution is a Service Ticketing System (SysAid) that enables us to receive service requests and allocate them to the proper resource for action. The ITSM solution is designed to manage all aspects of the support and maintenance cycle.

Ticket Management

Our ticketing system provides a full end-to-end solution for ticket management. Each request for service is logged, categorized and assigned. Detailed tracking for each request is recorded and all communication related to the ticket is logged. The end user is fully informed along each step of the resolution process, and has direct access to the Service Portal 24/7. Our onsite staff is available Monday-Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM.

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