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Our clients are moving to the Cloud for many reasons, and we’re helping them get there.

The shift of business to the Cloud is undeniable and the benefits are clear, but is it right for every business?  The answer depends on many factors. The biggest questions to ask yourself are: Do I want to maintain any infrastructure in house?  What is the cost VS convenience factor? Does what I have gained outweigh the cost?  In simple terms, we tend to liken the on-premises versus in the Cloud debate to one of “should I rent or own”.

For many of our smaller clients (1-10 staff), an all-in-the Cloud solution is a great fit.  We can cost effectively put all email, file sharing and many lines of business applications in the Cloud without the hassle and capital investment involved for an on-premises solution.  For larger clients, we typically are working with a hybrid scenario, one where we have services that are both on-premises and in the Cloud.  This way a business can leverage the advantages of each without sacrifice.

Typically, in-house email is the first to be migrated to the Cloud.  While we have implemented many hosted email platforms over the years, we recommend Office 365 as the platform to use, regardless of whether your business consists of one person or five hundred people.  Microsoft not only offers an Enterprise-grade email platform, but also spam filtering, e-discovery, archiving, mobile device management, and many more features.  What really sets Office 365 apart, though, is that they include the licensing for Microsoft Office products as part of the service delivery.

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