To Cloud or not to Cloud?

At Risolv we work closely with our clients to navigate the complex landscape that is IT. One of the principal movements in IT and business today is the move to “the cloud”. The term “cloud” has such an appeal these days that if you or your business are not “in the cloud” well, you might as well pack up your Blackberry and laptop (what no tablet! ) and slide into oblivion. I think the true solution is more nuanced and one size does not fit all.

So what is “the Cloud”?

The term “cloud” comes from the simple fact that we (techy people) represent the Internet as a cloud shape when producing technical drawings. That’s it. The cloud is the Internet. Allright, I know that it can be defined as Infrastructure, Platform or Application as a service but the lines are so blurry today that for all intents and purposes the Cloud is the Internet. Private cloud? Sure if you want to call a company’s internal infrastructure a “cloud” go ahead. To me it’s still a private network which has better descriptors like, “local area network” or “hosted environment”. Forget “Private Cloud”, it’s just confusing.

Are there advantages to being in the cloud?

Of course there are! There are some great services out there on the Internet (sorry Cloud) which have some real advantages. A few clicks of the mouse, a credit card and voila! You have email, file storage, telephony and the list goes on. Some companies offer a single service and do it really well (think Dropbox), while others offer a suite of products and do most of it well (think google apps or Office 365). The point is that for a relatively low startup fee you can be up and running with the services you need to run your business and your life. Right now!

Just think. No more hardware and service quotes from multitudes of vendors. No server rooms and dusty closets. Backups and disaster recovery are a thing of the past. No big capital costs. Finally after all these years we get peace of mind and a sound night sleep. Right?

You have help

Your IT person or company is your trusted advisor. They can help you decide on a plan that fits your requirements. They can ask you the questions or point out concerns that you may not have considered. They can work with you on the true cost and benefit analysis of moving to the Cloud.

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