Factory Reset Juniper SSG5 with Pinhole and no Console Cable

How to factory wipe without console cable (Pinhole reset only) using status lights to track progress.
Juniper SSG5 Pinhole Reset
Juniper SSG5
  1. Elapsed time 0s: Insert press reset and hold for 6 seconds
    • Both power and status will light/flash amber
    • The status light will go back to green after about 6 seconds, release of pin at that time
  2. Elapsed time 5 to 6s: Wait 2 to 3 seconds
  3. Elapsed time 8 to 9s: Insert pin a second time and hold for 6 seconds
    • If timing is proper, status will flash red instead of amber.
    • Holding too longer or too short cancels reset
    • If both power and status flash amber at same time you missed timing, wait a few seconds and start over from step 1\
  4. Elapsed time 14 to 15s: On release, power should be green, status will switch from red to orange to green fairly quickly
  5. Connect LAN cable to port 0/2
  6. Assign manual ip to NIC range
  7. Navigate to
    • Username: netscreen
    • Password: netscreen

2 thoughts on “Factory Reset Juniper SSG5 with Pinhole and no Console Cable

    1. Hi George,

      There should be some sort of change registered when pressing the reset, if the LED does not change the entire time and you are certain the reset button is pressed then something else going on and unfortunately you won’t be able to use this guide to determine that. Juniper site has some decent search that may help https://www.juniper.net/search/cps/

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