Guelph Family Health Team

The Guelph Family Health Team brings together different health care providers to co-ordinate the highest possible quality of care for patients.



Years as a Client



As a single point of management for all doctors’ offices in the Guelph area, the Guelph Family Health Team was faced with a huge amount of data that needed to be monitored and managed.


Firstly, we set up a personalized phone queue and provided Help Desk Services, so that the Guelph Family Health Team could easily manage all of their calls. We then set up and monitored a ticketing system in order to manage all their IT issues, and provided the Guelph Family Health Team with complete, flexible IT support. We created a knowledge base so that we could organize and manage all of the creative solutions that we implemented. Lastly, we generated reports for the Guelph Family Health Team, so they could better understand their IT help needs and improve efficiency in the future.


Risolv’s IT Helpdesk has provided tremendous value throughout the whole organization. Our staff have peace of mind knowing they are only a phone call or email away from having their IT problems solved. Risolv’s friendly and professional team allows our staff to do their jobs more effectively without having to worry about IT issues getting in the way.”