Gro-Bark is a leader in the forestry, providing sustainable bulk organic products.


Gro-Bark needed guidance on technical choices for their business.  With the increasing number of employees now needing to be online and connected to the business application, it was becoming difficult to support the day to day needs of the user base.


Over the years we have worked closely with Gro-Bark to build a solid foundation at all of the sites.  Recently a new virtual environment based on the VMware platform was implemented to increase flexibility and reliability of the backups and disaster recovery scenarios.  We have also implemented a thin-client solution to give access to the custom business application, which simplifies updates and implementation.  Day to day support is handled through our Help Desk, and a full knowledge base is maintained along with an encrypted record of all passwords.


The team at Risolv IT have exceeded our expectations. Always available with cost effective, expert solutions to our IT needs.”