The Craig's list of Bermuda! Online classified ads for for all Bermudians.



Years as a Client



This thriving online community needed a dedicated customer service Help Desk in order to manage customer issues, approve and moderate classified ads, and provide sales support for business solutions and sales representatives.


We provided eMoo with personalized, dedicated call lines and queues. We trained Help Desk support to approve ads according to specific guidelines, communicate with customers regarding any postings that need to be adjusted, and provide complete support to customers in all areas of their eMoo account. The Help Desk also supports eMoo employees by providing dispatch services, phone reception and directory services, as well as coordinating bookings for advertising space.

We also trained eMoo’s Help Desk in media and HTML, which gave the staff the tools they needed to provide sales support to eMoo. Their training enabled them to create, upload, and manage advertisement packages — saving eMoo time and money. Finally, we thoroughly documented all eMoo’s technical procedures and policies, and created training material and troubleshooting manuals and stored them in a knowledge base. This, knowledge base, along with reports we generated for eMoo, allowed them to better understand and manage their IT issues.


Risolv has been our trusted partner since 2005. Their high-level of expertise and consistency means that we can concentrate the business on sales and growth.”