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BAS-Serco develops group solutions for businesses across all of Bermuda’s main sectors. The wide range of skills and depth of knowledge within the group of companies enables BAS to solve any challenge that a business might face.




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Help Desk


Risol created and actively maintain a dispatch guide so our Help Desk attendants could accurately assign the right technician for the service request. This cut down on the time between when an issue is reported and when it is completed. We then setup a ticket tracking system where Risolv and BAS-Serco could assign, track, and report on service requests. This system ensured that service requests would be handled quickly, and that any necessary follow-up would be monitored and managed in one place.


We resolved these issues by providing complete, flexible IT support to Blue North. We put a ticketing system in place to track and manage all requests and service work, and migrated to Office 365 to streamline communication.  We created and store documentation in a Knowledge Base for ease of access and efficiency.  Devices are continually monitored and all support requests are tracked.   We continue to generate monthly IT reports for Blue North, so that they can best understand and evaluate their IT needs. 

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