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LOGiQ³, a life insurance and reinsurance consulting company, delivers long-term strategic solutions and short-term tactical support from its offices in Toronto, Canada, and Cardiff, UK. They needed a consistent IT service provider that could maintain their high standard for processes and procedures. They valued the expertise of an outsourced provider, so they turned to Risolv. Specifically, they required their IT support to follow strict processes and guidelines when supporting all LOGiQ³ employees and clients. They also needed us to collaborate with in-house IT in order to complete strategic projects. Lastly, LOGiQ³ required a breakdown of key performance metrics so they could better understand and improve service.


We provided flexible, dedicated IT service to all LOGiQ³ employees and clients, both remotely and onsite. This meant we monitored all servers, and provided support when required. We set up a dedicated ticketing portal so that we could track service requests. We collaborated with LOGiQ³ in-house IT regarding project support and implementation, as well as IT consulting services. We also remained committed to assisting LOGiQ³ in company growth by creating custom weekly and monthly reports on IT metrics, and continually updating support documentation, site documentation, policies and procedures. But most importantly, we remained dedicated to meeting the high standard for processes and procedures required by LOGiQ3 in all areas of service.

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