Is Cheaper Always the Best Idea for Getting the Most Out of a Budget?

Yes I know there is always a department or corporate IT budget, with costs constantly straining the monthly or yearly boundaries. However as with construction, buying the cheapest equipment or parts may not always be the best long term solution.

I have recently been working on some systems for some clients where they saved money on the purchase of new machines, but now when they are planning system improvements, there will be significant impact due to the low cost machines they now have. New machines came with Microsoft Windows 7 Home edition installed on no name hardware in order to save on initial purchase.  However now, when they are looking forward at linking these machines together, the OS is a stumbling block. This project involves creating a Windows Domain, and joining the machines to it. Now the client will have to choose between

  1. Replacing the machines, for those not powerful enough for a newer OS
  2. Replacing just the OS, on the machines that can handle it, this will involve more labour

Discussing your Network and System current and future needs should be undertaken with your IT Staff or IT Solution provider prior to purchasing. This type of communication will help your company manage the cost of your current IT infrastructure as well as meet future budgets.

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