Factory Reset Juniper SSG5 with Pinhole and no Console Cable

Instructions to factory wipe without console cable (Pinhole reset only) using status lights to track progress.

  1. Elapsed time 0s: Insert press reset and hold for 6 seconds
    • Both power and status will light/flash amber
    • The status light will go back to green after about 6 seconds, release of pin at that time
  2. Elapsed time 5 to 6s: Wait 2 to 3 seconds
  3. Elapsed time 8 to 9s: Insert pin a second time and hold for 6 seconds
    • If timing is proper, status will flash red instead of amber.
    • Holding too longer or too short cancels reset
    • If both power and status flash amber at same time you missed timing, wait a few seconds and start over from step 1\
  4. Elapsed time 14 to 15s: On release, power should be green, status will switch from red to orange to green fairly quickly
  5. Connect LAN cable to port 0/2
  6. Assign manual ip to NIC range
  7. Navigate to
    • Username: netscreen
    • Password: netscreen

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